Duty free storage

Invest in white precious metals and purchase tax-free!

If you would like to invest your capital safely in physical silver, platinum or palladium, you have to pay the statutory value-added tax. However, there is a possibility to prevent the accumulation of VAT in accordance with the law by means of selection of the storage location and – in this way – to equate with tax-free gold.

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Purchase precious metals without value-added tax

Bonded warehouses are the easiest way to buy and sell white precious metals entirely without the usual VAT. These are warehouses, which are used for the customs-/duty- and tax-free storage of goods.

The advantage of tax exemption results from the fact that the precious metals remain stored there between purchase and sale. The safekeeping of precious metals in a bonded warehouse is possible from an investment volume of CHF 10,000, -.. Every six months, you will receive an official stock statement with the status/lineup of your precious metal-holdings and an annual auditor's certificate.

If you would like a delivery of your holdings, this is also possible. Remember, however, that by leaving the tax-free zone, the VAT is due.

Comprehensive services, no taxes on purchase - our bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouses are especially advantageous for white precious metals. Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Safe storage in tax-free warehouses
  • Goods are 100% your property
  • No limit on the amount
  • Purchase and sale possible at any time
  • Safe and reliable with 100% insurance protection
  • Pickup and dispatch by arrangement
  • Fair prices, current rates

Bonded warehouse – how it works

Step by step to the bonded warehouse

  1. The necessary documents for the bonded warehouse opening can be found here. In addition, we require a certified copy from your ID in the original. You will receive then the application for safekeeping, the order form as well as the form for the determination of the beneficial owner. After that you can start purchasing your precious metals via fax or e-mail.
  2. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the contract resp. the binding prices.
  3. You transfer the invoice amount to the account specified by us within three banking days.
  4. After receipt of payment and receipt of all original signed relevant documents by mail, you will receive a safekeeping confirmation from pro aurum Switzerland AG.

Of course, our employees at all locations are available for your questions and can introduce you directly to the specialists in Switzerland.

pro aurum offers numbered ingot storage

Take advantage of our latest service: the storage of your precious metals can now be numbered. This applies as of an investment volume of CHF 100,000 in denominations of 1 kilo of gold, 15 kilos of silver, 1 kilo of platinum and 1 kilo of palladium. You will receive your ingot numbers when you buy the metals and have the right of delivery of your bars with the corresponding numbers.

Products and conditions

Duty free storage list Switzerland

Something you can build on: pro aurum

When it comes to precious metals, pro aurum is one of the leading partners and first point of call in the German-speaking world. With over 150 experienced employees enthusiastic about the subject of precious metals, we guarantee a high degree of professionalism, seriousness, fairness and discretion. Your individual interests and needs come first and determine our actions in all market phases.


At pro aurum, we continually develop the "world of precious metals" to serve the interest of our customers. We create space for innovation and set standards for product quality, availability, storage and service.

Bonded warehouse info box

What’s special about the bonded warehouse product?

For investors, it is an advantage to have precious metals outside the EU - Switzerland is still a safe haven. Buying and storing the white metals silver, platinum and palladium in the bonded warehouse is free of charge (i.e. customs duty and VAT). On the other hand, many people use a domestic warehouse to deposit gold for reasons of country diversification.

What type of customers make use of this kind of storage?

Currently a great variety of customers use this type of storage, from private customers to institutional investors. The minimum storage value is CHF 10,000. The bonded warehouse / domestic warehouse is used by customers from all over the world as a storage location. Many investors trust in the stable political situation in Switzerland.

As a customer, can I buy and sell at any time?

During our opening hours you may submit sales- or purchase orders at any time. The price, which is published on the bonded warehouse list at the moment of the order, is decisive. Subsequently, we confirm the orders and, in the case of purchases by pro aurum, will make the payments to you.

How are physical deliveries made?

Deliveries are requested by fax or e-mail. We then arrange with you an exact date and time for the physical transfer of the metals. In the case of physical delivery from the bonded warehouse, customs clearance charges amounting to around CHF 160.

What needs to be taken into account from a tax perspective?

With physical removal of white precious metals from the bonded warehouse, VAT must be paid on site. In Switzerland, this rate currently amounts to 7.7 per cent. If silver bars are subsequently exported abroad, for example to Germany, the rate currently applicable in Germany must be paid at the current rate of 19 percent, with Swiss VAT being credited.

Why is the product selection limited?

For administrative reasons, it is not possible to offer all products for purchase and subsequent storage in the bonded warehouse that customers have access to in the pro aurum outlets for example. Nevertheless, the product range in the bonded warehouse is very diverse. The ingots can range from one ounce to one kilo and the standard coins are also available for storage - such as the Philharmonic, the Kangaroo Nugget, the Maple Leaf and the American Eagle.

How do I open a stock?

You can download, fill out and send us the necessary forms on the pro aurum website. A certified copy of an identification document (eg identity card, ID or passport) is required. In addition, the applicant must be personally identified by the postal service or banks. This procedure is necessary because, like banks, we are legally obliged to comply with the requirements of the Swiss Anti Money Laundering legislation (GwG, SR 955.0) – which requires the verification of the identity of customers. We use the forms to open the customer stock.

What’s the security like at the bonded warehouse?

The respective precious metal warehouses (bonded warehouse / domestic warehouse) have several high-security vaults which meet the highest requirements. The precious metals are fully insured, for example against fire and theft. In addition, customer holdings – similar to a securities deposit with banks - constitute a special fund, that is, they are legally and spatially separated from pro aurum’s own holdings.

Storage Fees

Storage fees and the minimum storage value

Our fees covers both the storage and the insurance of your precious metals. Please note, when taking physical delivery out of the Duty Free Warehouse, a standard fee of EUR 160,00 for customs clearance will apply.

1. Storage of precious metals in our Duty-Free/Domestic Warehouse Embrach/Zurich

The Duty-Free/Domestic Warehouse is situated within a transit zone which allows for your precious metals to be stored without paying the relevant customs duties. The respective VAT on the storage value when buying and storing Silver, Platinum and Palladium within the Duty-Free Warehouse, is not due.

Trading times: 09h00 - 17h00 

  Value of depot CHF
(daily course)
Storage fee*
Silver 0 - 100.000 1,75%
  100.001 - 250.000 1,50%
  250.001 - 1.000.000 1,25%
  > 1.000.001 1,00%
Gold, Platinum
and Palladium
0 - 100.000 0,75%
  100.001 - 250.000 0,60%
  250.001 - 1.000.000 0,50%
  > 1.000.001 0,40%
*plus applicable VAT

2. Storage of precious metals in our Duty-Free/Domestic Warehouse Embrach/Zurich with assignment of bar numbers

  Value of depot CHF
(daily course)
Storage fee*
Silver 100.00 - 100.000 2,5%
  1.000.001 - 5.000.000 1,75%
  > 5.000.001 1,00%
Gold, Platinum
and Palladium
100.00 - 1.000.000 1,25%
  1.000.001 - 5.000.000 0,90%
  > 5.000.001 0,60%
*plus applicable VAT

The reference currency for the storage in the Duty Free/Domestic Warehouse is CHF. Value of the depot in EURO/USD will be calculated by the actual daily exchange rate on request. The minimum depot value is 10,000 CHF.

The fee calculation is based on the value of the holdings at the average daily course during the respective time period. Billing will be performed twice a year, end of June and end of December.

Do you have any Questions?

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